Friday Faves: Bad Influencers, Loving Brands + Facebook Fixing

Friday Faves is our roundup of news, views and insight across the things we love. This time...


PewDiePie just showed every brand why influencers are dangerous

Brands that have close relationships with influencers need to understand what little control they actually have in this space. Working with influencers is sensitive for both parties involved.

Will marketers be more wary in future of who they work with?


'It's not branded content, it's not content marketing' - News Corp's Storyful CSO gets to the root of story

Cheeseman also says that the bottom line is that video is the best way to do global content. But, if it is re-purposed for stature, clients must understand how they are measuring success with the right plan in place.

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Marketer email tracker 2017 launch

One in ten marketers admit their emails aren’t relevant to customers. Are we in danger of killing email with irrelevant content?



Mark Zuckerberg pens major Facebook manifesto on how to burst the bubble

The 6,500-word mission statement reads like a state of the union address, tackling everything from fake news to growing anti-globalisation sentiment.

Has Facebook brought us together or pulled us apart?


Amorous or atrocious? How brands are doing Valentine’s Day 2017

From a Poundland three-course dinner for two to Sainsbury’s same-sex Valentine’s Day cards, we round up some of the most striking Valentine’s Day 2017 advertising activity.



One for the road:

Valentines and VR (don’t mix)

They found love in a virtual place.