Friday Faves: Questions, Serendipity + Jazz Covers

Friday Faves is our roundup of news, views and insight across the things we love. This time...


Will Instagram pods impact influencer marketing?

In 2016, Instagram scrapped its chronological news feed for an algorithmic timeline. Naturally, many users bemoaned the change, complaining that it’d make it even harder for posts to reach audiences.

Fighting the algorithms from the inside.


'Serendipitous' content connects with consumers

Almost two-thirds (63%) of UK consumers enjoy coming across useful or interesting content when browsing online, but most are unaware that their online experiences are often limited by social media and search preference algorithms.



Tool: Answer the Public

Here’s a cool tool where you can type in a keyword and the engine will show what questions the public are asking about that word or phrase. Great for generating content ideas.


Snap shares slide as growth slows

Shares in Snapchat's owner have sunk after it reported disappointing growth in the first three months of the year.In its first results since floating, Snap said the number of daily active users rose just 5% to 166 million compared with the last three months of 2016.

Audiences don’t guarantee income, just ask Twitter.


A modern guide to social media content marketing, part 5: Instagram

The most successful Instagram accounts have a recognisable style.

A picture worth a thousand words. A filter on that picture adds another two hundred.


One for the road:

Check out Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox channel on YouTube - today's hits, yesterday.