Friday Faves: SzeChuan Sauce, Dark Patterns + Raptors

Friday Faves is our roundup of news, views and insight across the things we love. This time...


13 examples of dark patterns in ecommerce checkouts

Dark patterns are deceptive parts of a digital user interface, designed to trick the user into making a decision that benefits the business involved.

Deliciously evil.


Stronger privacy laws could save advertising from itself

Online advertising is terrible. Ads clutter your screen, slow down your computer, and drain your batteries. Publishers saddle pages with tracking technology that vacuums up your data so they can, ostensibly, serve you more relevant ads.

Will regulation help internet users get a better experience online?


When pop culture and nostalgia fans force a brand’s hands

“Rick and Morty” may be responsible for reviving an extinct McNugget sauce. It’s not the first time a show made a brand dip into nostalgia.



United Airlines PR disaster: ‘In the 21st century, every disgruntled passenger is a potential publisher’

How United Airlines hasn’t learned its social media lessons.

A textbook case-study for the ages.


Google 'may build an adblocker into Chrome'

Company could announce feature to prevent intrusive online adverts within weeks, according to reports

Digital display takes another blow.


One for the road:

Exercise motivation after a heavy Easter weekend

Would certainly shake things up on Clapham Common.