Friday Faves: VR, Irritating Social Media + Danny Dyer

Friday Faves is our roundup of news, views and insight across the things we love. This time...


Cost isn't the only reason people aren't buying VR headsets

Many are just not interested in the devices

Mass production, not mass appeal.


The psychology behind some of the most irritating people on social media

Social media. It’s been going through a bit of a rough patch recently with people blaming it for the successes of certain political figures while simultaneously amplifying the recruitment campaigns of terrorist networks and facilitating the growing problem of live streamed violence – it’s the sort of record even James Blunt couldn’t tweet away.



12% are paying for online magazine/news subscriptions

With the onset of ad-blocking, many online publishers have sought to introduce paywalls in an attempt counter the prospect of sliding ad revenues.

Paying the piper.


People create language

When he was young, Captain Charles Boycott wanted to make his name.

The industry legend on how words evolve.


Six ways brand marketers can bring the funny without being cringeworthy

Laughing was found to be conducive to feelings of wellbeing, and the providers of that laughter were likely to be viewed with feelings of positivity and even warmth. Fact.

Embrace the dad joke.


One for the road:

Danny Dyer Bot